Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Sowrepublic is a prosperity company.

We are deeply pained at the growing global ineqaulity and instead of merely complaining about it, we decided to offer lasting solutions using time tested principles and tools.

Sowrepublic’s mission is to create an ecosystem of real estate products and services owned and operated by the 99% for their own prosperity and for their posterity.

The formal launch shall be in October 2023.

Specific Real Estate is divided into multiple fractions and listed for sale.

Prospect takes our wealth education sessions and joins the community.

Member purchases specific units of real estate as they can afford.

Member sells their real estate when it appreciates to earn retail profit.

Member earns other commissions based on Sowrepublic’s Profit Sharing Plan.

If your goal is to leverage real estate to fund your dream life and also leave a lasting legacy; if you want to get into real estate while avoiding the hassles of land agents, construction workers and public officers bureaucracy; if you like to earn ten different types of income without doing site work or site visits; if you like to build a portfolio of real estate units to get cashflow and also have something to hand over to your kids, then this is for you.

You can earn regular income, travel the world for free and fund the lifestyle of your dreams even as you build a portfolio of real estate units as your legacy.

Find a sponsor, take the intoductory class, decide which membership plan you like to start with, purchase same and refer others to the opportunity.

There are 4 membership pachages for now:
1) Regular Plan: sign up is N50,000
2) Gold Plan: sign up is N100,000
3) Diamond Plan: sign up is N250,000
4) Platinum Plan: sign up is N500,000

Each package comes with a whole lot of benefits like 15 Premium Digital marketing courses (valued at N433,000), 52 Ebooks on Wealth (valued at N250,000), 4 Premium Course on Real Estate by Tade Cash (Valued at N400,000), up to 8 hard copy Best Selling books by Tade Cash (valued at N120,000), Free Access to Special Community Events, Free Access to Community Mentorship Sessions, Leveraged Prosperity via The Sowers Plan, the chance to Buy Real Estate as an Insider and a whole ot more.

Join the community to get more details.

A Sower is a 21st Century Landlord. All community members are referred to as Sowers or 21st Century Landlords.

He/she must have purchased any of the membership packs with the goal of partaking in the business opprtunity. He/she is also referred to as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with Sowrepublic.

Buy real estate untis to fund your life and your legacy and refer others to the business opportunity (optional).

Every Sower/IBO can earn up to 10 different types of income with Sowrepublic. They are as stated in the business policy manual.

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Kindly attend one of our classes or talk to the person that referred you.


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DISCLAIMER: This does not constitute a solicitation, an offer or a recommendation to buy or sell anything. Although we try to provide accurate information to the best of our knowledge, You are nevertheless advised to do your own research and also seek professional opinion before making any decision.