Over the past year, there has been concerted efforts albeit local to re-educate willing minds on a change of perspective as regards the origin, meaning and application of the word wealth. The importance of this cannot be over-emphasized because if the definition and understanding of a word is incorrect or incomplete, the results derived from the application of such word(s) will also be incomplete leading to frustration on a personal and cultural level.

While there may have been seeds of progress sown in the consciousness of a few, the overall challenge of poverty of the mind that translates into physical and material poverty has continued to grow unabated especially in third world nations and the consequences of same are staring us all in the face already. Our world is being torn apart daily by extreme inequality; we are experiencing more communal clashes over resource control than at any time in the entire history of mankind; kidnapping for ransom has become a thriving niche and more Africans now struggle to migrate in inhumane conditions to places with better standard of living even if they have to lose a limb to get to these acclaimed promised lands especially in times when these nations are tightening up their fiscal policies and borders to ensure their charity is focused at home on their own citizens.

In 2019, this cancerous suffering of more than half of the world population (with more than 60% under the age of thirty) shouldn’t really be so; in-fact it is totally unacceptable. We cannot continue to live our lives by the day and just dwell on the hope that someday, someone somewhere will come and save us. While hope may have its place in the scheme of things, it is unfortunately not a good strategy. Hope alone will not put food on the table, it won’t pay for our medicals and it won’t help us live something for the next generation simply because hope is too futuristic and its dependent on interventions outside of self.

Wealth for all is not an unattainable dream; it is possible even with systems that are less than perfect; but for us to make impactful progress of lifting many up, we must be willing to challenge our traditional beliefs and foster wealth consciousness on a massive scale. The good news is that there is a growing movement to address these gaps in wealth manifestation and worthy of note is the fact that millennials are at the fore front of this global push.

We must therefore join hands as individuals, communities, businesses, civic organizations and nations around the world to symbolize our shared commitment at ensuring wealth for everyone everywhere whatever that means for them in a win-win relationship for all of us and for our planet. This shared responsibility will be fundamental if we must overcome the Armageddon between the haves and have nots already staring us in the face.

However, it takes power to get wealth; building wealth requires imagination and focus; it requires the renewing of our collective minds and very importantly, it requires the urgency of NOW. Now therefore is the time to consciously develop a global plan of deliverables and expedite action on an unprecedented scale; Now is the time to make the education of the rich accessible to all; Now is the time to democratize every individual and every nations access to opportunities for wealth; Now is the time to automate savings and investments so everyone can have something to build upon; Now is the time to embrace decentralized, incorruptible and transparent technologies that will make global commerce cheaper ushering in an era of easier and faster remittances of funds across borders to billions of people; Now is the time to cut down on what separates us and magnify what makes us human beings. We already share pictures, likes, emoticons and news breaks from one end of the earth to another via push buttons and clicks, Now is the time to also embrace systems that help us get and share our wealth on a massive scale.

That’s why the theme of the 2019 World Wealth Day is GET WEALTH NOW. Over the next 365 days, we must therefore take courageous steps in our various enterprise to promote community events and initiatives that will drive people to take action in the now because wealth is always in the now.

The World Wealth Day campaign shall forthwith have a central coordinating platform online and offline for the collation and distribution of free resources and ideas for everyone no matter where they live to help expand the reach and impact of the World Wealth Day on 22nd June and all year round. The hashtag (#WorldWealthDay) shall be used to coordinate activities online.

For more information or interview requests:

Seth Oyinloye

Founder, World Wealth Day


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