To Get Millions of People to Join, We are Giving Away some of Our Future Currency.

10% of the SOWCOINS is reserved after registration, 40% after inviting 5 friends and the rest for future tasks. Each SOWCOIN has a value of N1000 (USD 2.7).

The earlier you join, the more SOWCOINS you can reserve.


DISCLAIMER: This does not constitute a solicitation, an offer or a recommendation to buy or sell anything. Although we try to provide accurate information to the best of our knowledge, You are nevertheless advised to do your own research and also seek professional opinion before making any decision.

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Sowrepublic HOMESTM is an acronym for House Ownership Mortgage and Equity Solutions. It is a Real Estate brand of Sowrepublic that helps everyday people own fractions of real estate, earn regular income and live their dream lifestyles from real estate investing and network marketing. Sowrepublic HOMESTM is housing of the people by the people for the people.

Properties are divided into multiple fractions, tokenized and listed for sale; Buyers complete a simple AML/KYC once and for all; they then purchase specific tokens representing fractions of the specific asset; Buyers receive specific tokens representing the number of fractions paid for; buyers then earn commissions based on the Sowrepublic Profit-Sharing plan.

If your goal is to earn the residual income that real estate gives; if you like to earn rental income regularly; if you want to own a house while avoiding the hassles of land agents, construction workers and public officers bureaucracy; if you like to earn ten different types of income without ever erecting a physical structure; if you like to build a portfolio of real estate assets, then this is for you.

You can earn regular income, travel the world for free and live the lifestyle of your dreams even as you build a portfolio of real estate assets that earn you residual income.

Decide which pack you like to start with, purchase same and refer others to the opportunity.

  1. Social Plan (0 seed points): sign up is FREE.
  2. Business Plan: this consists of the following;
  • Classic Pack (0.25 seed points): sign up is N25,000 worth of Sowcoin Tokens
  • Gold Pack (1 seed point): sign up is N50,000 worth of Sowcoin Tokens
  • Diamond Pack (2 seed points): sign up is N100,000 worth of Sowcoin Tokens
  • Platinum Pack (5 seed points): sign up is N250,000 worth of Sowcoin Tokens

Anyone looking to start or add to their real estate investment portfolio with properties that may/may not be their primary residence; Simply put, such a person is a landlord entering into the service business of providing accommodation for other people and getting paid to do so on many levels.

A Sower is someone who has purchased any of the starter packs with the goal of partaking in the business opprtunity; He/she is regarded as an investor who is qualified to own assets and also earn regular income via the Profit-Sharing Plan; He/she is also referred to as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with Sowrepublic.

Buy fractions of real estate in Sowrepublic HOMESTM ; do your monthly autoship and refer others to the business opportunity.

They are fractions of real estate investments purchased in bits (seed points) from Sowrepublic HOMESTM

Seed Point is how Sowrepublic measures the activity of an IBO and his/her team in Sowrepublic. It is also used to promote IBOs from one rank to another and give awards as set forth in the SOWREPUBLIC Profit sharing plan. One Seed Point is valued at N50,000 (fifty thousand naira only).

Sowcoin Tokens are units of digital, decentralized crypto currencies that represent fractions of specific real estate assets.

Seed point purchase is how users join and grow in Sowrepublic while Sowcoin Tokens are units of digital crypto currency used to ensure transparency and immutability of transactions.

  • You are buying real estate in fractions
  • You are accumulating seed points with which you earn commissions and promotion via the Sowrepublic Profit Sharing Plan
  • You are buying Sowcoin tokens as a digital store of value
  • Simply log into your back office on to make the purchase.
  • Online through the Sowrepublic payment portal on Interswitch (
  • Via Phone USSD: DIAL *322*1*15701*amount# TO PAY FROM YOUR PHONE
  • Via bank transfer to COM LLC, ACCOUNT NUMBER 2081931021 AT FCMB.

As often as you plan to; you are making a profitable investment after-all. However, there are statutory purchases to be made monthly for you to qualify for the earnings of that specific month.

The personal equity you have built up remains same BUT you won’t qualify to earn income for that month.

Yes, you can sell anytime via SOWDEX (when it is released to the public) or any other exchange platform where Sowcoin is listed.

Yes; Sowrepublic HOMESTM can issue you an accredited clearance to that effect based on the volume of your personal equity with the company.

This is the time between contribution/investment in real estate and delivery of the physical product. Sowrepublic HOMESTM is a real estate development project so it may require some time to deliver physical properties to equity contributors.

Every IBO can earn up to 13 different types of income with Sowrepublic HOMESTM. They are as stated in the business policy manual.

You can earn income via the following ways:

  • Rental Property Income
  • Token Value Appreciation as Property Value appreciates
  • Ten Income types based on the Profit-Sharing Plan

You get a contract document sent to your email. The document contains everything you need to know about Sowrepublic and its offer. You are expected to familiarize yourself with it via study and by attending Sowrepublic Seminars and Webinars.

For starters, our focus is on Sowers City Abuja Nigeria where we will be developing 250,000 apartments with all its complimentary service facilities but investors can own properties or equity from anywhere in the world. You mustn’t live in a place to own a property there. We will be expanding to other parts of Nigeria and Africa as indicated on the project timeline.

Kindly attend one of our classes or talk to the person that referred you.

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