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Sowrepublic will help generate and sustain total wealth for you and your posterity.

What we are ABOUT


The greatest asset of humanity is human resource. Where there is no plan, the people perish BUT where there are no people, the plan becomes useless. Sowrepublic is about a tribe of people whose culture is wealth. We are SOWERS.


It is the plan that determines the building. You cannot construct a tower without a detailed plan of execution. The mission of Sowers University is to help you craft a personal plan for your life with an offer of mentorship for cultural discipline to execute same.


Everything we see, smell, taste, touch or experience is a product. Sowrepublic offers you Everyday Products at Everyday Prices for Everyday Profit Sharing by Everyday People. This opportunity is for everyone irrespective of age, sex, or religious creed.

Our Philosophy is SIMPLE


Sowers University

The shortest distance between poverty and wealth is not poverty alleviation, its wealth education. Sowers University helps indoctrinate the 99% with the cultural legacies and discipline of the 1%.


Profit Sharing Plan

Without tools, knowledge and essence are defeated. Sowrepublic offers you a platform and tools that are based on time tested principles to build wealth that can be transferred to your posterity.


Sowers Foundation

Whatever is not given is lost forever. The Sowers Foundation provides Sowers with a platform to do good locally and globally and contribute to causes that serve humanity on a massive scale.

Our Approach is SIMPLE


There can be no economy without spending. Wealthy people spend to earn while others earn just to spend. Sowrepublic ensures your everyday spending is converted to everyday profits.


The first step to wealth is to put something aside. Our profit sharing plan ensures a seamless system of savings without the self-denial and stress that comes with it trying to develop the everyday habit of savings.


Within every fruit is a seed, within every naira is a kobo; if you don’t sow the seed, you can never have more fruits. Sowrepublic ensures your kobos and pennies and those of your team helps build wealth for you and your posterity.

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