Get Up To N5 MILLION ($5000) MATCHING BONUS to Buy Land in Africa

Invite your friends to join Sowrepublic; for each friend that joins, we’ll give both of you $100 each to buy land from Sowrepublic Vendors. (Up to a limit of $5000)


Get Invited

Click the "Join the Community" button and ask to be invited.

Sign up

Sign up to Sowrepublic using the unique referral link you are given.

Invite & Earn

Invite friends with your link, you both earn $100 matching bonus each.

Program Details

1.You will get MATCHING BONUS equivalent to the simple tasks you perform.

2. The tasks include sharing your unique referral link to your social media pages and joining the private Whatsapp, Telegram or Facebook Group and attending the 101X Wealth Conference.

3. For each succssful referral, you will get a MATCHING BONUS of N100,000 ($100) to buy land from Sowrepublic vendors across Africa.

4. The more people that sign up using your unique referral link during the Campaign, the more MATCHING BONUS you are entitled to during distribution.

5. The maximum MATCHING BONUS for this Campaign per person is N5 million ($5000). In the event of appreciation or
depreciation of the naira against the dollar, the N5 million naira remains the reference limit for this campaign.

6. The MATCHING BONUS is split into 2 parts: N4 million ($4000) for inviting your friends to join Sowrepublic, and N1 million ($1000) for attending the 101X Wealth Conference slated for 8th to 10th February 2024 in Abuja Nigeria.

7. You are entitled to ONLY ONE ACCOUNT. You will be required to perform a simple AML/KYC procedure before. The system will detect multiple registrations and anyone with more than one account will be DISQUALIFIED from the offer entirely.

8. We reserve the right to continue or put an end to this offer when our set goal is achieved.

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

In a world dominated by the wealthy, real estate investment remains elusive for many, reinforcing economic inequality and limiting wealth-building for most people. This imbalance not only deepens the wealth divide but also strips countless individuals of the opportunity to secure their financial futures, exacerbating feelings of frustration and helplessness in the face of such daunting barriers.

Sowrepublic emerges as a transformative force in this scenario. Our mission is to revolutionize real estate investment, making it accessible to all with investments starting at just $1. We democratize real estate by converting large land parcels into affordable micro units, opening the door to investment opportunities that were once beyond reach. More than a platform, Sowrepublic is a community-driven ecosystem fostering shared knowledge, resources, and success. We are committed to empowering the majority, bridging the wealth gap, and nurturing an inclusive community of savvy investors, heralding a new era of accessible and equitable real estate investment.

When you refer a friend who signs up, both of you receive a $100 Matching Bonus in micro real estate units.

No; the program is a Limited Time Campaign.

We reserve the right to continue or put an end to this offer when our set goal is achieved.

Micro real estate units are small fractions of real estate, making it affordable for everyone to own a unit or piece of land or property.

Sowrepublic is an INVITE ONLY community. An existing member must invite you via his or her referral link.

To get an invitation, Click the JOIN THE COMMUNITY button and request for an invitation.

You can join by choosing either the $1 or $30 sign-up package.

NOTE: These prices are for promotions only; prices will retun to normal after the promotions.

Sowrepublic provides an automatic tracking system on your user dashboard to monitor your referrals and earnings.

You have 12 months from the time of reservation to claim your matching bonus.

If you don’t claim your bonus within 12 months, the unclaimed bonus units will expire.

Sowrepublic accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and other online payment platforms.

Yes; The terms of sale or transfer of micro units are subject to Sowrepublic’s policies and may vary based on the specific unit.

The value is determined by market factors and the performance of the real estate assets within Sowrepublic’s portfolio.

Yes, family members are eligible to be referred, as long as they meet the sign-up requirements.

The Sowrepublic Matching Bonus Program is just a promotional campaign that will end as soon as its
objective is achieved.

Every member can earn up to 10 different types of income with Sowrepublic; the income types you can earn depends on your membership package. They are as stated in the business policy manual. You can get more details on this from our communities.

With Sowrepublic, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Get up to N5 million ($5000) Matching Bonus to buy land across Africa
  • Earn up to 10 different types of income in our Profit Sharing Plan
  • Buy Real Estate as an Insider
  • Buy real estate starting from N1,000 ($1)
  • Get access to 15 Premium Digital Marketing Courses (valued at N433,000)
  • Get access to 52 Ebooks on Wealth (valued at N250,000)
  • Free Access to Special Community Events
  • Free Access to Community Mentorship Sessions
  • Leveraged Prosperity via The Sowers Plan
  • Get access to 101X Your Life in 101 Days Productivity Course (valued at N20,000)
  • Get access to 4 Premium Courses on Real Estate (Valued at N400,000)
  • Get access to The Godfather Financial Management Template (valued at N10,000)
  • Get 1 Hard Cover 101X Journal (valued at N20,000)
  • Get FREE Personalized Mentorship Sessions (valued at N500,000)
  • Get 2 Sowrepublic T shirts Customized for you (valued at N15,000)
  • Get 8 Hard Copy Real Estate Books (Valued at N120,000)

These benefits depend on your membership package.

Sowrepublic conducts thorough due diligence and complies with all legal regulations to ensure the legitimacy and quality of its real estate products and those of its vendors across Africa.

Yes, users can upgrade their sign-up package at any time to avail of additional benefits offered by higher-tier packages.

Tax implications depend on individual circumstances and local tax laws. It’s advised to consult with a tax professional for specific advice.

While there is a $5000 cap on the matching bonus, there is no set limit to the number of friends you can refer.

Sowrepublic products are cut across the different types of real estate with potential for high appreciation; the focus right now is on land.

Withdrawal terms are subject to Sowrepublic’s policies, and users should refer to the terms and conditions for specifics.

Sowrepublic employs advanced security protocols and complies with data protection regulations to ensure user data privacy and security.

Yes, international users can be part of Sowrepublic, subject to the compliance with the regulations of their respective countries.

Sowrepublic has an online learning portal called SOWERS UNIVERSITY that provides educational resources for members. We also have 101X Media and 101X Nation platforms that educates members via guides, articles, and webinars on prosperity especially via real estate.

We use a FRAMEWORK called The COMPEL Strategy to analyze the products we delve into and those of our vendors so they could be sure of appreciation. While no investment can guarantee specific returns, Sowrepublic bases its investment choices on thorough market analysis and potential for growth.

YES, Sowrepublic offers a community platform for members to interact, share insights, and grow. kindly click the JOIN THE COMMUNITY link below to join for free. 

Sowrepublic also offers customer support through email and phone.

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